Your Choice Viewers' Wives #29

Released at: March 10, 2007 by Your Choice Productions
Debbie, Herts. - Debbie's boyfriend can't make it over. Fortunately, she's in the kitchen and there's olive oil and a cucumber on hand. Vicky, Middlesex. - Blonde Vicky's another lass who likes to wank in the kitchen, but it's fingers and a vibrator that do the job for her. Laura & Matt, London. Laura's a right charmer who sucks cock like a pro and fucks like a demented rattlesnake. Julie & John, Kent. - John Mason's a halfway decent stud, and Julie seems to get off on his practiced anal strokes. Gwen & David, Gwent. - Young and pretty, Gwen's got juicy little buds for boobs, long flaps and a big, eager clit. What more could Dave, or any man for that matter, ask for. Go for it Dave! Teri & Steve, Lincs. - On her knees, Teri pays oral homage to Steve's impressive equipment, earning herself a long, wet doggy donging. Penny, France. - Last time up, this horny ex-pat Brit revealed a taste for pussy. This time she shows how far she can stretch her cunt around a large plastic cock, fucking and jerking the cameraman off as an encore. Joyce & Freddie, N. Yorks. - Joyce doesn't seem to mind screwing an older guy, she could use the cash. In a classic, 'tripod at end of bed', scene, the horny young Miss earns every cent. Bevy of Beauties, Essex. - 250 shared bonus winner. Rarely, if ever, has 'Viewers' Wives' been blessed with so much tasty teenage totty on one tape. Five uninhibited and heartbreakingly gorgeous pieces of Essex eye candy give it their all. Joanne & Gerry, Staffs. - 250 shared bonus winner. Joanne's eight weeks behind with the rent and at the landlord's mercy. It's a case of fuck, or fuck off, and she's out of her kit and sucking on his dick in a flash. That's one week's worth of arrears taken care of. Throwing caution to the wind, her pussy and bumhole take care of the other seven weeks.

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