Young Stuff 5

Released at: June 17, 2002 by Sin City
Slain Wayne is back doing what he does best, shooting vids of young, barely legal babes humping their brains out and taking a load of cum all over their young, sweet, innocent faces and lovin' it. You'll see a lot of new, jiggling flesh here as Wayne seeks out the hottest and sluttiest ho's in the biz and puts them through their paces. There are lots of sloppy blowjobs, a Slainster fave, as the saliva hangs in strings off their chins while she's chugging a big cock. Each tramp gets a cock or two shoved up her box from every angle imaginable. They get their assholes licked clean by their partners, then get the hole widened out with some horse choad. And they all get hosed down with a few gallons of ball butter fresh out of the tap. This is good humping stuff of the best kind, Young Stuff.

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