War Pigs 3

Released at: October 5, 2007 by ZFX Productions
Somewhere in the dangerous Middle East, a beautiful American stealth fighter pilot, Major Christine Lynn, is shot down over enemy territory by the dreaded terrorist organization known as the Peoples Army for National Socialism or P.A.N.S. Since their primary reason for existence is hate for all that is American, this is a perfect opportunity to vent their frustrations on the one of those imperialist pigs they so despise. Since brave Christine isn't willing to cooperate and divulge any information about her plane or mission, she is at the mercy of the terrorist commander and pretty Monique, an American student who had previously been held for ransom by P.A.N.S. and consequently been brainwashed. She had miraculously survived a previous American raid on the P.A.N.S. lair that briefly allowed her to escape. "Re-educated", she now was a soldier for the terrorists and was trained in the dark arts, which she used with particular effectiveness against her former countrymen (and women).

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