Two Girls Gagged And Groped

Released at: April 9, 2022 by Anton Video
Charlotte and Ashley give incredible performances in this intense bondage and humiliation story. The girls model for a shady photographer, Tim and his assistant. The guys flatter the girls, telling them they can be fashion models. Then, they mention that the girls can make a lot more money doing some light bondage photos. Ashley is intrigued but Charlotte doesn't like the idea. While Charlotte watches from the side, Ashley cheerfully submits to being tied up. She poses sexily for Tim and enjoys modeling so much that Charlotte decides to do it as well. While Charlotte goes to change, Tim starts posing with Ashley. Then he starts groping her tits! Ashley gets upset and tells him to stop. He apologizes but then continues fondling her. Ashley gets angry and Tim stops. But he returns with a cloth which he uses to gag Ashley. Then he gropes her some more while she fights him and screams into her gag. Later, Charlotte returns and Ashley tries to warn her that they are in danger. But Charlotte just comments on how good Ashley's acting is! While Ashley continues with the desperate gag-talk, Charlotte allows Tim to tie her up. She then poses for photos alongside the whimpering Ashley. When Tim starts to grope her, Charlotte knows something is up and asks to be released. Instead, Tim gags her and fondles her body some more. The other creep explains that they are live-streaming this online and customers are loving it! The girls are made to kneel and Tim fondles and spanks their luscious asses, pulling down Charlotte's shorts in the process. The customers want less clothing on the girls so, when we next see them, they are in just their sexy undies and socks. They whimper and plead as the men cruelly taunt them and Tim gropes them some more. The guys decide to have a contest ? whoever does a better job at sucking a dildo can keep her underwear on. A dildo is stuck to a mirror and Ashley sucks it while Tim gropes her. Charlotte is made to kneel and suck the dildo next. She puts on a show for the guys, pretending to really like it. It doesn't matter. Tim pulls off both girls bras anyway. Gagged again, the girls are pushed together tits against tits. The gags are removed so the girls can make out, pleading with their captors as they kiss passionately. The gags go back on and the girls are horrified to learn that they will be held for weeks. This is a really great scene with 2 of the best bondage models ever!

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