Transsexual Babysitters 29

Released at: September 6, 2022 by Devil's Film
Jonah Marx knocks on the guest bedroom door and his babysitter, Pixi Lust, tells him to come in. Jonah opens the door and sees Pixi smiling at him from the bed, curled up in the covers all nice and snug. It seems that Jonah and his wife stayed out very late the night before, and they had to ask Pixi if she wouldn't mind staying over to keep an eye on the place. Jonah's apologetic- this was way above the call on Pixi's part, and he's ever grateful. Jonah asks if he can get Pixi anything for breakfast, to which Pixi replies that maybe she can get HIM something to put his mouth around instead. Pixi unfurls the sheets and reveals that she's naked from the bottom down and that her hard cock is ready for him. Though Jonah is clearly aroused, he's also a bit hesitant. What happened between them that one time should NEVER have happened. She babysits for him, and this would be highly unprofessional. Besides, his wife might come home anytime- it could ruin his marriage if she walked in on them. 'Relax,' Pixi says, pointing out that when they DID fool around the last time, his wife was in the next room. This time, she's not even in the house- so what are the odds she'll catch them? Pixi KNOWS Jonah liked it, and she'll bet her bottom dollar that he'll enjoy himself even more if he goes all the way with her. Despite his best intentions, Jonah climbs into bed with Pixi and before long, has all his wildest babysitter fantasies fulfilled in a midday sexual romp that he'll never forget. Brittney Kade is a busty trans girl that gets easily aroused around her boss Dillon Diaz. Izzy Wilde has been babysitting Joel Someone's boy Scotty and they've been getting along famously. They play catch and romp around, making sure to get all his energy out before Joel gets home from his long days at work. As much as Izzy likes her job, however, the best part of spending time here is that she gets to flirt with Joel, who she finds incredibly hot. One day, Izzy waits in Joel's bedroom while he's taking a shower and she's clearly up to no good. When Joel exits the bathroom with just a towel around his waist, he's surprised to see Izzy there and asks if she'll be heading home. Turns out that Izzy's got other things on her mind. She begins seducing Joel, tantalizing him by flaunting her amazing body while she dirty talks him. Joel tries his best to resist. His wife will be home in a few hours- what if she catches them? But when Izzy climbs onto the bed, whipping off her jean shorts and revealing her hard cock, Joel decides to take this opportunity in hand. He lets his towel drop and climbs into bed with his gorgeous babysitter. They have playful, energetic sex- making sure to keep an ear out for the front door opening, just in case Joel's wife comes home early. Michael DelRay is meeting his new babysitter, Zariah Aura. His ex-wife recommended Zariah because she has an impressive track record. After making sure that Zariah is available to babysit during the days that he needs her, Michael gives her a little tour of the house. After the tour, Michael comments that although he and his ex-wife have shared custody of their little angels, Michael is the one who looks after them the most. And since Michael is stuck at home looking after the little ones most of the time, he doesn't get laid anymore. Zariah says that she's single, so she's willing to help him with getting laid right now. They kiss, and Zariah gives Michael a blowjob. Eager to return the favor, Micheal then takes out Zariah's pretty cock so he can give her a blowjob as well. To warm them up even further, Zariah rubs their cocks together, getting them all revved up for even more fun!

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Pixi Lust

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Izzy Wilde

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