Tamed Teens 3

Released at: January 14, 2008 by Evil Angel - Raul Cristian
Raul Cristian is the man - he gets the hottest Euro girls (many of which appear with Christoph Clark and Rocco too). His videos are always well lighted and clear. His videos have total title integrity? You get exactly what is advertised. And, it turns out, he has a nasty, perverse sense of humor - as in Scene 2 of Tamed Teens 3 where the girls are brought into the scene in the shovel of a earth moving tractor, and then the guys walk into the scene wearing a Santa Claus hat on one dude and a hard hat and sledge hammer on the other dude. Tamed Teens 3 gives us 6 scenes chock full of one thing: young women who are the absolute hottest girls in Europe getting fucked in every hole and swallowing cum. In Scene 1, Sandra meets director Raul Cristian in a sunny park in Budapest. The sexy brunette has an awesome ass which she puts on display bent over a park bench. In Scene 2, Lily and Brittney are delivered in the scooper of a large piece of earth moving equipment. The blond has a particularly hot ass. In Scene 3, Beatrice is a platinum blond with a great body. She too has a great ass, which she pushes out for the camera. In Scene 4, Kara has black hair and full lips - all the better for her to suck cock! In Scene 5, Maya B gives Raul a tease while wearing pink lingerie outside on a deck. In Scene 6, Patricia makes her debut to the scene and to porno inside a black plastic box used for a piece of equipment.

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Scene1: 00:04:39 - 00:33:14 (28:35)

Scene2: 00:33:18 - 01:03:04 (29:46)

Scene3: 01:03:07 - 01:32:51 (29:44)

Scene4: 01:32:54 - 02:03:06 (30:12)

Scene5: 02:03:10 - 02:33:23 (30:13)

Scene6: 02:33:26 - 03:03:46 (30:20)

Scene7: 03:03:48 - 03:33:47 (29:59)


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