Spanking Pixie Volume 2

Released at: February 10, 2015 by PunishedBrats
Amber Pixie Wells at her brattiest of the bratty in the sequel, Spanking Pixie! She proves that even after getting spanked until her bottom is glowing red with hands, hairbrushes, paddles, and canes that you just can't keep a bad brat down. Scene one features the mischievous beauty put in the middle of suggestions from other viewers ? but Pixie's project takes a few unexpected twists and turns. See Pixie caned as a foreign exchange student, spanked as a cheerleader, and then given the hairbrush in her tropical blue bikini. After pitching a huge fit when things don't go her way; Pixie throws the biggest temper tantrum that lands her over her mom's lap for much more than birthday licks! Holly and Pixie are two sisters that never learned to share. When the girls get into a wrestling match over a shirt, their mom Susan attempts to restore order by giving each one a hard hairbrush spanking that leaves them both rubbing their sore, beet red bottoms!

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