Sexual Fantasies 7

Released at: January 3, 2022 by Babes
Appetizing Spread: Black goddess Olivia Jayy is in the mood for a snack, but when Seth Gamble spots her in the kitchen looking ravishing in her red lingerie and strappy black heels, it's clear that the sweetest snack in the house is her tight pussy. Seth tongues and teases Olivia before she strips him down to suck on his long hard cock. Seth pounds Olivia on the counter, thrusting deep inside of her as she gasps and moans for more before taking his thick dick back into her throat before he blows his creamy load all over her face. Truly the perfect midnight snack. Play With My Pussy: Sexy little hottie Lulu Chu lies on her stomach in bed, her bare feet dangling up in the air while she reads a book. Lulu knows Mick Blue is watching her, and he's hoping he can offer her something else to do. Lulu teases Mick until he joins her in bed, feeding her strawberries before he gets a taste of her sweet pussy. Photographer Wanted: Whitney Wright is a magnetic, dark haired beauty, and she rightly wants to immortalize her good looks by hiring a photographer to snap some juicy photos of her wearing nothing but lingerie. When her photographer, Zac Wild, shows up, he acts as professionally as any photographer. But it's hard to keep your cool when you're in the same room as someone as beautiful as Whitney, especially when she's clearly trying to seduce you. And seduces Zac, she does. Taking The Plunge: Skye Blue is looking as beautiful as ever in a bohemian wedding dress, but she's as sad as she is pretty - sobbing by a pool, devastated by a wedding gone wrong. Her fiancée, Seth Gamble, regrets the huge mistake he made and tries to make it up to Skye with sultry, emotional sex that will leave you gasping for breath. Widowed And Wet: The beautiful Alia Donovan lost her husband a year ago. There's a lot she misses about him ? the company, the jokes, the good sex....And she's ready for someone to give her what she's been missing. Mick Blue, her late husband's best friend, has been a huge help to Alia in the past year, and she thinks he'll be the perfect man to fulfill her desires.

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