Sex with Grandpa Ed Powers Vol. 1

Released at: September 16, 2020 by Ed Powers Productions
The complete volume with all four new girls and an extra scene featuring Dani Blue. Time stands still for no man and Ed Powers is no exception. It has been six years since he was last behind a camera or even behind a woman for that matter. Still truckin' and still fuckin', Grandpa Ed Powers embraces his destiny as he introduces us to the petite, 19 year old newcomer Lulu Chu who gets turned out by industry vet Tucker Stevens. In scene two, we meet software developer Riley Jean who gets some encouragement from the luscious Maya Farrell. Fresh Faced Nikki Sweet proves she is naughty by nature when she makes her grandpa fantasy come true. In just her second shoot, the innocent looking Rose Banks turns into a super slut for her adoring Grandpa Ed. Lastly, Ed is surprised when Dani Blue pops in to give Ed a helping hand.! He may be a grandpa, but he is still Ed Powers. And he is back!

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Scene1: 00:00:33 - 00:49:38 (49:05)

Scene2: 00:49:41 - 01:49:49 (1:00:08)

Scene3: 01:49:51 - 02:39:22 (49:31)

Scene4: 02:39:24 - 03:24:15 (44:51)

Scene5: 03:24:22 - 03:45:08 (20:46)