Russian Institute: Lesson 21 - Punishments

Released at: October 21, 2015 by DORCEL (English)
Miss Anna is the director of this institution and she is determined to make her pretty residents in uniform respect the rules. At the tender age of 19, these perverse scholars are trying to get around her rules to study up on their first sexual experiences! Miss Anna discovers that Justine and Nadia have snuck a boy into the dorm rooms to indulge in a no-holes-barred threesome! Once discovered, she makes the naughty neophytes spank each other in her office with the school inspector present to watch for the height of humiliation! While they endure their punishment, Tiffany experiences her first orgasm in the bathroom only to be discovered by Miss Anna! The penalty for this infraction is makes Tiffany excited and anxious all at the same time!

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