Naked and Dead Chicks

Released at: March 4, 2019 by Mr. Skin
Just because they're playing dead doesn't mean we can't enjoy the view. Mr. Skin enjoys the flesh of dead just as much as he enjoys the flesh of the living. And we get the feeling that you guys feel the same. For you guys who enjoy the darker side of nudity, check out this playlist of chicks that are dead and naked. Kinda gives you a new perspective on the phrase "drop dead gorgeous". **Sharon Stone** is stone cold dead and topless in Action Jackson, **Beau Garrett** is half a torso but she has a full rack in Turistas, **Betsy Rue** bares right boob in My Blo ody Valentine 3D, **Christina Ricci** racks out on the autopsy table in After. Life, **Courtney Love** shows boobs and bush while on the bottom of the tub in The People vs. Larry Flint, **Katie Holmes** right boobie makes an appearance in The Gift, **Keira Knightley** is racktastic on the slab in The Hole, **Danyi Deats** shows bush and boobs in River's Edge, **Danielle Harris** shares some b loody boobs in Halloween II, **Katherine Rose** shares her sweet chest treats in Are You Scared 2, **Ann-Beate Engelke** gets a knife through her amazing breasts in Bl oody Moon, **Jenny Spain** chesty lumps get revealed in Deadgirl, **Chelsea Richards** bares bl oody boobies in Feast 3: The Happy Finish, **Mary Demas** has quite a pair in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, **Robin Sherwood** is sure to give you wood when you get a gander at her T&A in The Love Butcher, **Rikke Louise Andersson** flaunts her fine behind and a little backburger in L.A. Confidential, **Julienne Davis** is all boobs and bush in Eyes Wide Shut, **Angie Everhart** flaunts her supermodel snatch and hooters in Jade, **Jewel Shepard** shares her bare buns and amazing knockers in Mission: Killfast, **Deborah Kara Unger** hangs around long enough to let us gaze at her T&A in Whispers in the Dark, **Virginia Madsen** is dead and boobalicious in Gotham, **Paz de la Huerta** lets us see her de la hooters in The Limits of Control, **Catherine Sutherland** gives a rack-tastic performance on the cold slab in The Cell, **Linnea Quigley** wows us with her undead pair in The Return of the Living Dead, **Misty Mundae** is bushy and booby in Dinner for Two, and **Dita Von Teese** teases her titties in the trunk of a car in Saint Francis.

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