More Than She Bargained For

Released at: April 25, 2023 by Pure Taboo
Fletcher (Jayden Marcos) and Evelyn (Anna de Ville) approach Fletcher's summer home. As they stroll along, he boasts about the various homes his family has, making it very clear that he has a lot of wealth. It also becomes very clear that Evelyn wants in on that wealth as well. They think the house is empty but it turns out that Fletcher's stepdad, Harrison (Chris Epic), is inside. Evelyn isn't pleased. Harrison is onto Evelyn. He KNOWS she's a gold-digger! Mia (Keira Croft) is a young woman drifting aimlessly through life. She has big dreams of becoming an acclaimed actress but hasn't had much luck yet. This has led her to making a big move and renting a room from a guy, and today's the day she finally moves in. When she meets the guy renting the room to her, Sebastian (Jessy Jones), they seem to hit it off. He's polite and accommodating, and the only rule he has for the house is that they stay out of each other's rooms. Although Mia is a little curious about such secrecy, she easily agrees since everyone needs their privacy, right?

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