Mom's Dirty Mouth

Released at: July 14, 2020 by MYLF
2021 AVN Award Nominee for Best Oral Movie Mom's Dirty Mouth loves to be stuffed with young cock! Enjoy some of the hottest ladies sucking hard dick til they cum! Gorgeous ginger MILF Andi Rye is a teacher on a mission. She wants to make sure none of her students get left behind, so she gives some extra schooling to our troubled stud. She struts over in her silky lingerie and kneels down to give him all the brain he could ask for. This headucation comes equipped with an experienced MILF tongue to swirl and slobber all over his thick shaft. She loves coating his dick in spit and taking it all the way down to the balls as she gives him the blowjob of the century. The way she licks those nuts lets you know this teacher wants only the very best for her star pupil. Maybe busting that fat load will adjust our studs attitude! Sexy MYLF Reagan Foxx is a lot to handle, and she knows it. Her tits are massive, 34 triple D to be exact, and she is proud of her headlights. Reagan is a busty MILF to say the least! She is here to suck and blow and give some sloppy toppy that is sure to cause a major cum explosion. She loves having a big dick all over her face, rubbing the shaft on her lips and feeling the meat against her skin. She looks forward all week to the chance to get to run her tongue up and down a veiny dong, and now she is finally getting her chance. She is ready to put all her cock sucking powers to work! And all these factors add up to a great time for our lucky stud. He shows up and whips out his thick cock, letting Reagan go to town on his member as she takes him straight to pleasure town. She licks the head of his dick and slaps her own face with his shaft aggressively, making sure to leave a major impression on this lucky guy. Then, she uses both hands to jerk his dick while she continues to slobber on his mushroom tip. He fucks her throat, letting his cock go deep inside her mouth for some intense face fucking. She loves it when she gags on his hard dong, letting the spit trail from her hungry lips and drop onto the floor. Who knew that this MILF would be such a sexual freak? She may look a little reserved on the outside, but it is clear that Reagan is never happier than when she is taking a giant dick down her throat. She also loves taking a huge helping of sperm in her mouth. Just watch her lick the cum up off the seat after our stud busts a nut. Reagan is a cock sucking champion! Rocky Emerson is a badass MILF. She is a beautiful girl with the most alluring blue eyes you will ever see, but she is also tatted up with a black leather jacket type style. The chick has it all, and she is willing to push the envelope at all times. So, when her man starts getting on her nerves, she makes him mad by having a little fun with his stepson. She slowly strips as the lucky guy takes some scandalous photos to send to her man. Then, she sucks his thick cock, taunting her poor guy the whole time. She jerks her stepsons dick sensually, drenching it in spit as she works. Then, she takes a huge splash of hot semen all over her chin. What a badass babe! Corinna Blake's beautiful green eyes never look better than when they are staring up at you while she works her tongue along the shaft of a hard cock. Her huge tits are pretty phenomenal too. Especially when she squeezes them together to fit a thick dick between them. She is a natural when it comes to pleasing penis. Even when she slaps our studs dick around, it only makes him hornier. She seems to know every trick in the book when it comes to making a lucky guy bust a nut. And that is exactly what she does. She strokes and sucks until her face and boobs are covered in sticky jizz. Corinnas talent for cock sucking cannot be denied! Sofie Marie is not a prude by any standards. In fact, she is quite the slut! When she catches our stud jerking off to her sexy body, she barely skips a beat. On the contrary, she is super turned on. She wants to help him get his rocks off, so she gets down on her knees and uses her perfect dick sucking lips to pleasure his throbbing shaft. She wraps her lips around the tip of his cock and then works his shaft with her experienced hands. Then, she licks his asshole, giving him the rimjob of a lifetime. By the end of this incredible blowjob, Sofie is hungry for cum, and she gets exactly what she ordered. Enjoy your appetizer, Sofie. Eva Long is the sweetest MILF you will ever see in pink pajamas. Behind her sexy nightwear though is a cock sucking lunatic who believes there is no such thing as too much cum. Watch her years of dick licking experience make for an amazing oral showcase of forbidden skills. Eva even delves deep into the asshole for seductive tongue action. This MILF is a problem and we love it so much! Desiree Dulce is the kind of MILF who makes dreams come true. In fact, she is one of the most smoking hot babes we have ever seen, and she is ready to rock your world. She puckers her lush, pink lips, getting them wet and ready to service a fat cock. When she gets the chance to practice her greatest skill, penis pleasing, Desiree does not disappoint. She takes our studs thick prick down her throat and gags as spit drips down his shaft and covers his balls. She makes sure to get every inch of his meat into her mouth and then takes a hot cum bath with a smile on her face. Desiree is a champ. Hot blonde MILF Kenzie Taylor does not need anyone else to turn her on. Her pussy starts dripping all on its own when shes in the mood. But today, she is craving some extra hard cock to wrap her luscious lips around. She takes our studs shaft on her tongue and gets it nice and wet in her mouth. She shoves it inside and pleases the head of his cock with the back of her throat. Drool forms all over his dick as she licks and strokes. But Kenzie is not satisfied yet. She uses her hands to get all the cum in our studs sack bubbling and ready to shoot. Finally, she teases him until he blasts a helping of semen all over her. Kenzie has definitely gotten her fill of dick sucking today. Bookish MILF beauty Dava Foxx is all about giving guys exactly what they want. When she sees a devoted husband not getting the attention he deserves, she springs into action. She likes to wrap her fingers around a hard cock and stroke it until it is ready to burst. Then she wets her lips and puts it in her mouth, working her magic as the orgasmic sensations kick in. All the while, she whispers sweet nothings, making the incredible blowjob that much more seductive. She is especially good at multitasking, licking balls and stroking the shaft at the same time. Not to mention, she loves getting a splash of sperm all over her face. Dava is what dreams are made of! Even while Vera King closes her eyes to rest, she dreams about sticking long, hard dick down her throat. Today, her pussy is already soaking wet when our lucky stud walks through the door. She has been fantasizing about guzzling his cum all afternoon, and when she finally gets the chance, she cherishes every inch of his veiny prick. The smoky eyed MILF slips his thick boner into her mouth and covers it in her spit. He teases her pussy lips with his shaft and eats her delicious MILF pussy as she screams. Vera has an intense orgasm and then teases a load of sperm onto her pretty face. Vera is a dick pleasing queen!

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