Lighter Side of Heather, A

Released at: May 12, 2004 by Wicked Pictures
While Heather remains grumpy, Shania and company get fucked...over and over again. Scene One, which was my favorite, stars Randy & his secretary (Aria); they hungrily devour each other's bodies like sex-deprived maniacs. In a terrific anal moment, Randy spears Aria's ass so deep and hard that she sprays her juice all over the place! Scene two features the only threesome of the film; Eric Masterson and Crissy Taylor play a couple who want to get it on with Shania (Ashley Long). In the next scene we get to watch Katja Kassin (who has an awesome ass) and Randy fuck like two naughty college kids in the janitor's closet at their office. Then Shania goes out on a date with a waiter (Steve Hatcher) and ends the evening with his cock stuffed up her sweet little asshole. Finally, Heather sees the error of her ways and gets a dick of her own (Steven St. Croix). Although this is the first and last sex scene of the film with Pason, the scene is well worth the wait; there's real chemistry between her and Steven St. Croix. There is little to complain about here. If you like gorgeous women & you're interested in a decent story, as well, you can't go wrong with **A Lighter Side of Heather**.

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