Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 17

Released at: January 20, 2020 by Bizarre Entertainment
When Mistress Tara makes her way from New York to California, Shanna clues her in on some of the differences she can expect. She tells her stories about some of her mistresses and their varied clients to illustrate some of the differences. T. J. comes to see Shanna to try to get something she can't from her boyfriend. Shanna restrains T. J.'s hands about her head before exploring T. J. She spanks her with her bare hand as well as her flogger. She mixes in some nice soft touches as rewards before having T. J. turn around so that she can flog her other side. She also has T. J. worship her boots before rewarding T. J. by letting her grind against a vibe taped to her other boot. Finally, Shanna puts on a strap-on for T. J. to suck before fucking her from behind. Lena enters the room to find slave Kate playing with her flogger. She punishes Kate with a spanking before moving on with the floggers. Lena starts out flogging Kate's ass with one flogger and then turns two loose on Kate's perfect breasts. Lena gives Kate a few kisses in between flogging various parts of her body, all of which Kate looks to get into amazingly well. Kate worships Lena's great legs before working her way up to kiss Lena's kitty. Kate's given the pleasurable pain of an electronic toy and a hand-mounted vibe before Lena dons a strap-on. Kate sucks it before laying back and taking it. Cleo starts things out helping Mistress Jewel get dressed before being rewarded with a flogging and spanking. After working on Cleo's front and back, Jewel gives her a bit of horsey training. After a little more discipline with a ball gag and her crop, Mistress Jewel finally lets Cleo give her a little oral pleasure. Finally, Shanna has Mistress Tara demonstrate her domination skills to see if she really has what it takes to work in her dungeon. Mistress Tara starts things out whipping Shanna's ass with a fluffy whip before moving on to a pair of floggers. She gives Shanna a lesson in being quiet before giving her a vicious spanking and flogging. Mistress Tara also plays with Shanna's pussy a little and lets her lick her own juices off her fingers before going back to flogging her. She works on Shanna with a couple toys and finally lets Shanna tongue her bald beaver.

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