Joan Wise Face Smothering Special 3

Released at: March 8, 2015 by Joan Wise Productions
Once Again we present what our devoted fans have been yearning for. Another video with nothing but face sitting endings. This video presents 80 minutes of super face-sitting segments from VT154 through VT181, and highlights the face-sitting talents of many of your favorite fighting femmes. You'll thrill to the unique talents of Erika, Lee, Robin, Cassandra, Tara, Doughdee Marie, Tracy Turner, Larissa, Natasha, Rochelle, Belinda, Treena Collins, Cathy Savage, Alecia Ames, Crhissie, Samantha, Trevelyan, Blaze, Tigra, Jennifer, Jackie, Tonya, Nancy Novak, Kris Luebke, Casey and Cheeta. Face-sitting fans will love this video, and will view it again and again, as they turn to their favorite ladies. This video present's face-sitting and female domination at its very best, as both female and male victims are rendered helpless.

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