Jiology Lab: The New Ass-istant

Released at: March 18, 2022 by Hentaied
Double penetration with four huge black aliensFully creampied and covered in hot alien cum. Fucked all the way through and fully controlled by an alien parasite Well, Veronicas first day at the laboratory was a memorable one. She was fascinated by our famous scientists discoveries. And when Jia finally took a break to have some fun with one of her parasites, Veronica wasted no time either. She grabbed a new parasite subject It greedily bit into her neck and then crawled deep into her throat, splashing the secret substance inside. Veronica lost control and became intoxicated with wild animal excitement. When Jia came back and saw her completely naked assistant, she knew where this was going. That every alein ever created in laboratory or survived a hellish experiment would come after them So Jia didnt hesitate, putting Veronica down on the floor with her legs thrown almost over her head. Thereby baiting the on her sweet tight asshole and meaty pussy By the end of the show even Jia could not resist and started to suck huge black members from Veronicas mouth.

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