I Love Fat Girls

Released at: January 4, 2018 by Big Top
This is a Wild Bill fat girl classic that is a must see for all you guys who need a little cushin' for the pushin'. Okay, there is a LOT of cushin', and that's exactly what you'll love about this heavywight title. These chicks are so huge you gotta roll 'em in flour to find the wet spot! Super beefy thighs, jelly bowl bellies, and asses larger than the Louisiana Purchase! Better warn your neighbors before you pop this baby in your VCR, cuz the big girl action isgonna shake the 'hood into a frenzy! Don't worry, we won't tell it was only you and your fat girl fetish all along! With these monstrous mamas, you can't get any more bang for your buck. Not responsible for loosened floorboards or falling chandeliers!

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