Housewives Unleashed 46

Released at: January 23, 2012 by Homegrown Video
**Syren** is a mature housewife with big tits arguing with the furniture repo man. He offers to let her keep the furniture if she'll give him a handjob. Syren reluctantly agrees to the deal. Then he ups the ante by saying he will take the coffee table unless he gets a BJ too. She attempts to deepthroat him and as if that isn't enough he then threatens to take the couch unless he can fuck her on it. So he does doggie style with some spanking and then reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Then they fuck missionary on the coffee table and he licks her pussy. He then cums on her face and mouth and she gets to keep the furniture. **Suzy** - Maxxx the cop responds to a call regarding a trespasser. He arrives to find a woman outside smoking a joint at the side of a house. She's a cute young MILF who says she is so stressed out by her husband and really doesn't want to get busted. She pulls down her top and gets on her knees to give him a blowjob. Now he's afraid of getting caught! So she drags him down into a basement for more oral and fucking. Things end with an anal cream pie, rather than a bust. Whew. **Amanda** is a hot blond MILF in a business suit sitting at a desk talking to her husband via video. Her office assistant is filming it. The bottled water guy comes in and gets seduced by her as her assistant keeps filming. She gropes at him and takes his pants down for a blowjob. He licks her pussy and they fuck missionary on the desk. Then doggie style with ass licking and cowgirl. She deepthroats him and he cums in her face.

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