Flat & Fucked 11

Released at: February 13, 2021 by Score
Six flat-chested teens might not be able to fill out a bra, but their tight pussies can get filled with big, hard cocks. The 11th installment of this best-selling series features the petite, tiny-titted girls you love to see getting fucked hard. And although they're young and inexperienced, they sure as hell aren't boring lays. That's because they're on a mission to prove that flatties can suck and fuck just as well as busty girls. It must be true, considering the sizeable facials both Riley Star and Anastasia Knight get. Cutie Hannah Hays lets her piano instructor split her meaty pussy lips with his cock. Plus more hot flattie fucking!

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Scene1: 00:00:58 - 00:24:13 (23:15)

Scene2: 00:24:15 - 00:47:29 (23:14)


Riley Star

Scene3: 00:47:31 - 01:02:05 (14:34)

Scene4: 01:02:10 - 01:25:16 (23:06)

Scene5: 01:25:17 - 01:50:10 (24:53)

Scene6: 01:50:13 - 02:13:19 (23:06)


Kenzie Kai