Fiona Cooper 1502 - Jade

Released at: April 5, 2014 by Fiona Cooper
Three amateur white girls play with themselves on camera. Solo-masturbation is the ONLY thing that gets them off! When they're talking dirty, it seems like they need some company. All three have large and natural breasts to fantasize about! The last three scenes are very special as well, but we're not going to ruin it for you! Scottish girl, Jade braved floods to be with us, & she's quite wet herself! Here's a brief list of what to look forward to in her sultry scenes: hold-ups, skirts, tops, knee boots, minidress, tights, multifinger fun, overknee socks, panties, anal fingers and toys! TAMMIE in her one pregnant scene for us - possibly her only pregnant scene is the third to last in this movie! Much loved and very popular, Tammie's waters broke after this scene and she gave birth to her baby later in the same day! This is what others like yourself are looking for when they find her: mini, top, panties, fingerfun and toys! Also from the same series, see 410 (as Kathie), 1101, 1135, 1174, 1191, 1205 & 1336. KAREN, in her footage shot a long time ago - and not previously released - of 'another girl who hasn't always been a girl' is best described with her skirts, top, blouse, panties, stockings & suspenders. ENJOY!

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