Fake Agent UK Presents - Megan

Released at: January 7, 2022 by Fake Agent UK Clips
19 years old with big blonde hair, a great smile and a massive pair of natural knockers, now I'd say that's a great way to start any day. So when Megan walked in and started chatting I soon realized she was someone who knew exactly what she wanted and when she said she wanted to get into porn, I thought Yeah you would probably do alright. Normally fuller bodied girls aren't really my thing but there was something about Megan I liked, maybe it was her dizziness or her shyness whilst wanking in front of me. But when I got my old chap out, which was as soft as fuck, and asked her to make it hard she was straight on it and within no time at all the old chap was raging hard like I was 20 years old again. At that point, all I wanted to do was plunge my bell end into her 19-year-old wet hole and feel what I love, wet pussy! And that's exactly what I did. But after a couple of positions, I couldn't believe it as I just couldn't hold it any longer and I ended up blowing my hot man sauce right up her pussy hole. Funny how in life you think you don't like something but then you get to try it and realize you love it and have been missing out for years.

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