Every Hole's A Goal

Released at: March 18, 2007 by Your Choice Productions
Real places, real people, real sex! The 2nd volume of Terry (One Eyed Jack) Stephens' British series...Busty model Violet is excited by the prospect of appearing in a porno movie, and gets her laughing gear around Terry's wedding tackle as he's driving her to the studio. Mark and Johnny give her a good seeing to. Then, drenched in spunk, Violet produces an amazing 'G' spot ejaculation. Half-caste beauty Kirsty has problems with her pussy jewelry. She needn't have bothered, these boys are only interested in one thing, shagging. Johnny gives her one doggie style, and up the bum, but when Steve arrives it's three on one, and she's really got her work cut out. Birthday girl Leanne just can't get enough cock. Three men in the bed, she reckons, is every woman's fantasy and, what's more, she likes it hard. But first, Leanne has to have her pussy and asshole shaved with a safety razor, which surprise, surprise, ends up stuck up her bum! Exhibitionist Anji gets to grips with Mark on a station platform with commuters close by. On the platform and inside the carriage Anji performs outrageously and gets well shagged for her naughtiness. Back indoors she's fucked fore and aft while sucking on Terry's big 'un. Fun loving hussies Polly and Rebecca swing both ways, going tongue to clit in the hallway as the guys spy on them through the letter box. Once inside, it's two girls and three guys going at it hammer and tongs on a bare mattress in any number of horny combinations.

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