Dorcel Airlines: Indecent Flight Attendants

Released at: August 12, 2019 by DORCEL (English)
The cabin crew of Dorcel Airlines is pleased to welcome you onboard for a new sexy and horny trip! They are young, they are gorgeous and they have the hottest job in the world: they are flight attendants. They are determined to use their charms to make your flight unforgettable. Elena, the pretty blue-eyed girl is surprised to welcome aboard her ex-boyfriend, now in a relationship with... her ex-best friend! She doesn't hesitate over luring him to the cabin, for a very last revengeful fuck... Ella, the new-comer of Dorcel Airlines undergoes her uniform test with the guidance of Mariska and a tailor who makes sure to measure her from every angle... These games of soft touches and petting soon lead to a frenzied threesome. And what about Alexis and Misha... two naughty girls who never miss an opportunity to organize an orgy with her male colleagues from the first class? And Elena, still, who forgets her ex very quickly in order to give herself to the captain and his second in command? The stewardesses of Dorcel Airlines need a well-deserved break with such busy days. A wealthy businessman and uniforms-lover from the coast arrives just at the right time to invite Misha, Alexis, and Mariska to come into his villa for a hot lesbian show near the swimming-pool.

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