Die Strassenkoter - Fick Auf Der Siegessaule!

Released at: March 10, 2016 by Inflagranti Film Berlin
Markus and Kalle are always looking for new and interesting places to fuck. girls. They have joined up with their friends Julia, Lucy and Lilly to see what they can get away with today. They start of with the group having sex with each other on a hiking trail in the German forrest. Next, the guys give Mirka and Petra a ride to the airport having fun in the backseat the whole way there. Once parked, they continue to bang in the parking lot where they meet the like minded and curiosu Lorena who joins the group as they make their way back into the forrest so they can all finsih what they started. Now that they have a taste for public sex the group makes their way to the Victory Column - Der Siegessaule. Perched atop the column where they have breathtaking views of Berlin, the group continues on their quest to have their chicks on dicks while high atop the "Chick on a Stick."

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