Cheating Trophy Wives

Released at: September 20, 2019 by She Will Cheat
Hot blonde Riley Steele is sick of her husband's nonsense. The lingerie he bought for his mistress turns up at their house and when his hot assistant shows up to get them, she decides to get her revenge, and gets hers in the process. Before you know it his face is buried in her pussy on the couch and his cum is all over her cheating lips! Alina Lopez just found out her husband is cheating on her. Her hot neighbor happens to overhear her talking about it and decides to console her. He's refreshingly nice to her and she decides that her husband shouldn't be the only one having some fun on the side. Before you know it she's getting revenge on her horrible hubby with her neighbors cock in her mouth! Lena Paul is really unhappy with her marriage. Her husband isn't necessarily bad, but he doesn't excite her like she wants. She decides to go to her therapist for advice and his advice is to find that sexual spark outside of the relationship and he happens to have a hard body and big cock right here that she can try it out on! Thank goodness for therapist confidentiality! Tiffany Watson is pissed. Her husband is bailing on her birthday! She's too hot to deal with stuff like this. His assistant has to come by the house to get some things and it turns out he's hot! Tiffany isn't going to let her tight body go to waste on her birthday so if her husband can't do the job, his assistant will "assist" her instead! Bonus scene is not available.

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Lena Paul

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