Big Racks Hot MILFs Hardcut 4

Released at: February 23, 2020 by Score
There's nothing like a big-racked mature woman who loves to fuck on-camera. In the fourth edition of the greatest big-tit XXX MILF series ever, the grannies are older & the studs are young enough to be their sons. Two of these horny old sluts, Rita Daniels & Michaella O Brilliant take giant cocks deep inside their still-tight assholes. All 100% real, age-certified 40s, 50s and 60s brought to you by the folks who know big tits & MILFs best. Busty Barbie Kelly, a longtime SCORE reader's wife, is eager to be taken by young stud Rocky. Dressed boudoir-style in bra, panties and stockings, Mrs. Kelley is ready for a session of hot, bad-girl sex. The camera trained on her is a sweetener, a sexual-boost to her already horny fantasies of being watched while she's being given the full treatment by an experienced X-man. They begin with a round of big tit worship and nipple sucking which makes Barbie all the more eager to taste hard cock. After giving her fuck date a masterful deep-throat blow job, Barbie is eager for a dirty dick dance. Perhaps you remember the old days of women's professional wrestling, when ladies like The Fabulous Moolah ruled the ring. Yeah, they could execute a full-nelson and a figure-four leglock, but they weren't exactly inspiring any kind of bedroom fantasies among male fans. These days, female professional wrestlers are hot. But few are like Shelly "The Burbank Bomber," a 50-year-old, kick-ass blonde with G-cup tits. In this, the most unusual interview we've ever conducted at, Shelly talks about her life of mud and oil wrestling and demonstrates her moves on Juan "The Stick" Largo, our resident stud who's in for a serious ass-whupping. Juan goes down for the three-count. And in our next installment, Shelly goes down. Janessa Loren is a very sexy woman. She knows what she likes, she knows what she wants and she knows how she wants to present herself. A newcomer to Voluptuous, Janessa tells us a little bit about herself before her first hardcore scene begins. She explains her feelings about erotica and sexy modeling and where she sees herself in the big picture. Janessa is very direct and open about her sexuality. When her sex-date sits beside her, she guides his hands over her big boobs and shows him how she likes them to be touched and fondled. Janessa says she can tell he's a boob guy. We can tell Janessa's a boob woman by the enjoyment she gets with his face buried between her large naturals. Purring like a cat, she holds his head tight. Rocky's banged quite an assortment of busty babes but he seems especially fond of Janessa's fine pair. Born July 6, 1956, MILF of the Month Michaela O'Brilliant is German. This bra-buster likes to wear outfits that show off her giant boobs and skirts that display her legs and big ass. Claudia KeAloha's favorite way to take care of a guy she's in bed with? "Well as you may have seen in my videos I love giving head," says Claudia. "I love to get my guy very hard by giving him head before I let him in my pussy."One of the things a guy can do to please the busty lapdancer to no end is to worship the fuck out of her big tits and that's what she wants Rocky to do. Once he does, Claudia is all over his cock, sucking it down deep and squashing it inside her boob valley. This scene is smokin' hot thanks to her. Rita Daniels, one of our favorite GILFs ever, is the busty boss who catches her young employee, 24-year-old Rocky, talking about her on the phone. He thinks he can say whatever he wants because he's speaking Spanish and he doesn't think Rita understands. But she does, especially when he tells whoever he's talking to that his boss has big tits and he wants to fuck her. Put it this way: No matter what language you're speaking, if you say, "My boss has big tits and I want to fuck her," and the boss you're referring to is Rita Daniels, she'll understand. Rita is fluent in multiple languages of fuck talk. Anyway, before long, lucky Rocky is playing with Rita's big tits and eating her hairy pussy (it's usually shaved; not this time). Then she's sucking his dick, one of the things she does best (the horny-as-hell look on her face when she's downing dick is one of the best things about Rita) and sitting on his cock and then taking his cock in her tight asshole. And then he's cumming on her face. Nobody-and we mean nobody-looks better than Rita with cum dripping down her face. Rita is a mother and a grandmother.

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