Bend Over Babes 2

Released at: July 3, 2008 by Evil Angel
I couldn't believe how fresh and exciting these movies were to me when I watched them again just recently. BOB 1 is the second Buttman movie I ever shot. It's the first time I ever used the small camera, back when technology was changing, and the added intimacy and great camera angles you get from this is amazing. This is gonzo in the discovery phase. There is so much good ass tease that I didn't care that the anal was not as hard or plentiful. There's wild sex with big name stars at the start of their carreers: Angela Summers with Rocco is explosive, Tori Welles in a BJ thing with Tom Byron, Porsche Lynn's legs and ass bobbing up and down while she gives deep throat! And there are brand new girls getting off on the high of showing off, like Chantel who won best tease performance from AVN for her beach tease and BJ scene with me. Half of BOB 1 (70 minutes) is a compilation of the best ass shots from the first 8 movies I released at Evil Angel. This is nice ass after nice ass, if you're obsessed like me this DVD is it. The rest is original booty obsessive stuff, shot with an enthusiasm seldom found today. Enjoy!"

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