Amber Wins

Released at: August 10, 2022 by Amber Michaels Productions
Nina Hartley and I are back together again. Her second Sex Fight video ever. She walks in confident she will defeat me. As sexual as both of us are, it is a real challenge and super hot to watch. We kiss vigorously seeing if one will give in. But that is not enough. We strip down until totally naked and then start banging our pussies together very rough and erotic. We end up on the bed, each of us taking control on who is on top. Both of us cum over and over as our shaved wet pussies slam against one another. She will not give in and neither will I. But I had to prove I would control and make sure that she has to submit to me. As our bodies roll around and fuck clit to clit, we both are so turned on. Yet I manage to get on top and ride her like no other woman can. When I when I make sure she says "Amber Wins". Both of us smile at the end, wanting a rematch. She is a true champion and this movie is Steaming HOT!

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