A Devil On Both Shoulders

Released at: January 31, 2023 by Girlsway
Synopsis:Alexis Tae visits her friend, Maya Woulfe, so she can meet Maya's new girlfriend. However, when the new girlfriend arrives, it turns out that the new girlfriend, Evelyn Claire, is ALSO an ex-girlfriend of Alexis! What are the odds?! That's when they decide to turn the awkward situation into a positive one! Kenna James is about to go on a very special date with her girlfriend but is considering canceling it. It's just that they agreed to have a threesome for the first time, and it's time for said threesome, but Kenna isn't sure she can go through with it. That's when Lacy Lennon and Vanna Bardot appear as sexy manifestations of her conscience. Kenna is thankful for some input, though is a BIT confused by the lack of an angel... That's when she learns that the angel switched sides because they both agree: Kenna NEEDs to have this threesome! Gabbie Carter is secretly dating two girls, Eliza Ibarra and Lulu Chu, but knows that she can't string them along any further. She HAS to choose one to commit to, no matter how great they BOTH are. That's when she decides to call Eliza over to have a serious talk with her. Before Gabbie can say anything, they are interrupted by the doorbell, which confuses Gabbie. She excuses herself to answer the door and is shocked to see Lulu, who has shown up to give her a romantic surprise. As Gabbie flits between the bedroom with Eliza and the living room with Lulu, unable to keep her hands off them. How can she break up with EITHER of them now??

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